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Technology: it powers your business but can overwhelm your day leaving less time
to do what you love–and ultimately what makes you money!

SMB Advantage Group gives you a team of experts who specialize in technology
operations so you can get back to work. Whether you’re looking to fix some nagging
problem or to prepare your business for growth, we can help.

Microsoft Partner Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions

Cloud Services

Office 365

Join others who have figured out why Office 365 is the best solution for their business. With plans for email and software included, your productivity will soar.

Desktop and Mobile Hardware Monitoring

Leave the maintenance to us. We will monitor your network, printers and computers to ensure a safe, secure and up-to-date environment.

Reliable Backup

With our cloud backup solution and monitoring, you will never be without a reliable backup. Our clients sleep better at night knowing we are at the helm of backing up their data.
Simple Guide to Follow for Better Endpoint Protection

Simple Guide to Follow for Better Endpoint Protection

Endpoints make up much of a company’s network and IT infrastructure. This is a collection of computers, mobile devices, servers, and smart gadgets. As well as other IoT devices that all connect to the company network.The number of endpoints a company has will vary by...

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft Viva Sales

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft Viva Sales

Data entry can be a real drag for salespeople. The time they spend on administrative tasks is time away from customer interactions. But that data is vital.It’s important to capture customer orders, quotes, needs, and more. Lead and sales reporting help sales managers...

9 Urgent Security Tips for Online Holiday Shopping

9 Urgent Security Tips for Online Holiday Shopping

The holiday shopping season is taking off. This means that scammers have also revved up their engines. They're primed and ready to take advantage of all those online transactions.Don’t forget to stay safe online during the buying frenzy that occurs this time of year....

7 Pro Tips for Microsoft 365

7 Pro Tips for Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is the most popular of all major office productivity software. It has 48.8% of the global market share, just edging out Google’s apps, by a couple of percentage points.It’s used by individuals, small & mid-sized businesses, and larger enterprise...

Windows 10 Upgrade killed my computer!  There wasn’t even a blue screen, I basically had a dead PC on my hands.  I tried several solutions myself, then had other professionals attempt to retrieve my data, only to be told it was completely gone, so sorry!  Enter Jennifer and SMB Advantage: problem solved, data retrieved, fast and for less than I expected to pay!! These folks are Certified Miracle Workers!!!”

Anne Q.

Owner, Pure Harmony Massage

SMB Advantage Group spoiled us with same day service. We were so excited to find a group that was both knowledgable and prompt to help us with our aging systems and our new printers. SMB Advantage Group is worth their weight in gold!
Connie B.

Lineage Logistics

The digital marketing efforts of Websavant and SMB Advantage Group are top notch. Not only did we get a mobile/responsive website, we gained social media followers and in turn increased our customer base and sales. This team is simply amazing!
Michael I.

All Chicagoland Moving and Storage

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