IT Strategy – Small Business CIO

Every business needs a CIO. Is yours wiling to put his reputation on the line?

For every organization, the basics of the role of the CIO are the same. You still have to manage the technology and technology workers within an organization in addition to aligning with the business goals. In the smaller organizations, the focus has always been on delivering more with less. 


At SMB Advantage Group, we can provide the leadership your business needs to keep the

Without a well-conceived IT vision and the leadership to realize it, an organization quickly may find that its infrastructure is unable to support its current or future business.

Many growing organizations have IT managers who specialize in certain technical areas. But, those organizations my not have not reached the point of requiring a full-time senior technology executive.

You don’t need to hire a CIO to get strategic IT guidance and leadership.

SMB Advantage Group can help fill this need—assisting with IT strategy and budgeting, or even providing an experienced IT professional to serve as your interim or part-time technology leader.

Our experienced team includes consultants with CIO-level experience—individuals who can step in on a quarterly or regular basis to:

  • Support development of a short- and long-term IT strategy.
  • Create an appropriate IT budget based on your business needs and industry trends.
  • Advise on ways in which you can better align IT with your business priorities.
  • Assess current IT activities to ensure they are adequately supporting business goals.
  • Advise on or manage your IT operations, as needed.