Proactive Maintenance and Monitoring Services

Your business needs 24/7 real-time monitoring.

For small businesses it is necessary to build solid infrastructure and support systems to create a growing and sustainable business.

  • Do you take care of your IT needs in-house with someone who also has ‘another job’ within the company? 
  • Are your security and maintenance patches up to date?
  • Do you have a plan for upgrades and new technology throughout the company or are you dealing with them only when they break?
  • Do your IT resources understand how your business works, what your business goals are, and where technology can assist your business processes?

We know that small businesses have to do more with less. We know that wearing many hats is part of the small business owner’s job. However, many small business owners need to work on their business, not in their business. Has finding an IT company that also understands your business processes has been difficult?

Move your business to the top by utilizing IT professionals who have the technical skill set your business needs.

Keeping your staff in a perpetually reactive mode ends up costing small business more money than actively maintaining your network and systems. Insufficient IT support often is one of the main causes of system downtime, loss of revenue and wasted payroll within the workplace.

Our proactive IT service offers small businesses:

  • Reduced downtime
  • Cost savings and consistent pricing models
  • Reliable infrastructure
  • Scalability

Our small business clients not only have saved money through less downtime, unlimited remote, phone and on site support, they have also gained their ‘computer-person’ employee back to the job they were hired to do.  SMB Advantage Group is the partner that offers the industry knowledge and strategic insight that small businesses need.

SMB IT service  – SMB Advantage Group’s dedicated practice to support your business.

SMB Advantage Group provides more than just typical computer and network services. We work with your entire organization to create a plan that works with all facets of your company’s strategies that works within your budget. 

  • Eliminate redundant procedures by coordinating efforts of data alignment into a central repository
  • Create a disaster recovery plan for all size offices
  • Setup and maintain secure off site backup solutions
  • Website upgrades and updates
  • Globally accessible training for all employees
  • Budgeted hardware and software upgrades
  • Managed print service including labor, parts and supplies

SMB IT services improve overall operational productivity and save money on operational overhead.  If you are a small business that wants to grow in 2011, you need SMB proactive IT services.