Proactive Services Package

CompUcoach will configure your network and all connected servers, routers, switches, pc’s and peripherals to allow us the ability to proactively manage and maintain your network environment.


The core components that comprise our Proactive Services Package include:


o   24x7x365 network and critical device monitoring

o   Vendor Management

o   “All You Can Eat” remote helpdesk during business hours

o   “All You Can Eat” onsite technician support during business hours

o   “All You Can Eat” online training 


Benefits you will receive as a result of our Proactive Services Package include:


o   Priority scheduling of technicians for non-emergency tasks

o   Faster response time to trouble tickets

o   Predictive, proactive IT support

o   Increased operational efficiency

o   Reduce and control your operating costs

o   Cost-effectively gain access to enterprise-level US-based support staff

o   Experience minimized downtime

o   Regain the ability to focus on running your business, not your vendors

o   Receive peace of mind knowing that your network is being monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week