SMB Advantage Group and CompUcoach


Are you buried in technology?  We have found the proven way to give you the advantage at both home and work.


Technology has become part of everyone’s business and personal lives. We made a change to our business model to help you both your office and home.


SMB Advantage Group is proud to announce our new residential division, CompUcoach.


SMB Advantage Group is your one-stop shop for your technology, computer, accounting, printing and website needs.


CompUcoach is back to help you with your residential computers and training needs.  Our training facility and online webinars cover topics from how to manage social media to how to do basic maintenance on your computer. Both divisions offer 24/7 technical support at extremely reasonable rates.


And new to both divisions is our Dedicated Consultant Program. Do you prefer working with one dedicated staff member? That’s fine with us. Pick your technician and you get them each and every time. Click here to find out how it works.