Your business has many moving parts.

The right technology solution begins with an understanding of your business. When you work with SMB Advantage Group, you work with people who understand technology and business.

Using technology to enable your business goals requires more than a solid technical architect with the requisite knowledge and experience. It requires someone who understands strategy and how applications and infrastructure enable your performance.

Our consultants come to the table with:

  • Broad experience in highly scalable systems, high-volume transaction processing, and network optimization.
  • Knowledge of IT and infrastructure best practices.
  • The ability to integrate data and systems in a wide range of environments.
  • Experience with state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Certifications in all the leading technologies.
  • A collaborative approach that solves issues across technology silos.

More importantly, they come to the table asking the right questions about your business and your needs—before they propose a solution. We recognize that a technology solution isn’t really a solution until it is working in your environment and delivering the results you expect.

Whether you need advice, implementation support, or assistance managing an initiative through to successful completion, look to SMB Advantage Group. We work with middle-market organizations just like yours—helping our clients:

  • Prevent system outages
  • Decrease IT spending by 10 percent
  • Improve system architecture to increase business value
  • Ensure compliance around industry regulations

How you select, align, implement, and integrate your many required support systems can have a strong bearing on performance today and your ability to grow in the future. See how we can help you with:IT Strategy Portfolio Management & Governance

  • Business Intelligence and Data Management
  • Systems Integration
  • System Architecture and Development
  • Performance Optimization
  • Unified Communications, Collaboration, and Mobile Workforce
  • IT Operations & System Management
  • Highly Available Networks
  • Server Consolidation, Virtualization & Storage
  • Security and Disaster Recovery